​Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra

The Jupio Battery Grip JBG-C018 has the same functionalities and look and feel as the original Canon battery grip (BG-E22). The battery grip comes with a wireless remote control. A 3 year warranty is provided on this battery grip.


Specifications JBG-C018:

– Suited for battery: 2x LP-E6 (original or Jupio CCA0020V2 / CCA0101)
– Suited for battery: 2x LP-E6N (original or Jupio CCA0028V2 / CCA0100V2)
– Suited for battery: 2x LP-E6NH (original or Jupio CCA0033 / BCA0010)
– Same functions as original battery grip
– Wireless remote control included (2.4GHz)
– AC adapter included
– Shutter release button
– Main command dial
– Sub command dial
– On/ Off button
– AF point selection button
– AF-ON button
– AE lock button
– Magnify function
– Multi function button (M-Fn)
– USB Type-C input (for charging the batteries inside the battery grip)
– PC terminal (for a wired connection with studio flash)