Always the right USB cable on you!

It probably sounds familiar to you. You want to charge your smartphone or tablet, but the right charging cable is nowhere to be found. The solution is near and it goes by the name: Jupio CableBuddy

The Jupio CableBuddy is a super handy USB cable that you can attach to your key ring.

The CableBuddy is equipped with multiple USB connections on both sides of the cable, making no less than 6 different combinations possible:

1. USB Type-A to Micro-USB
2. USB Type-A to USB Type-C
3. USB Type-A to Lightning
4. USB Type-C to Micro-USB
5. USB Type-C to USB Type-C
6. USB Type-C to Lightning

Note: you can find the micro-usb connector on the rear side of the lightning connector, just twist the cable around!