​The Jupio PowerVault III Wireless PD (JPV0320) is the topmodel in the new PowerVault III series.

This model has all the functionalities combined of the other 2 models in the PowerVault III line-up.
The high-quality lithium-polymer battery cells contain a capacity of 10000mAh. Charging your USB-devices is possible using the USB-Type A output or USB-Type C output. With a maximum of 3A it charges lightning fast. Furthermore you can even charge your smartphone wireless if your smartphone is suitable for Qi charging. The wireless charging is twice as fast compared to the JPV0310 PowerVault III Wireless.

Not only smartphones, tablets and other USB-devices can be charged with the JPV0320. Thanks to PD (Power Delivery) even laptops with a USB Type-C input can be charged!

The LCD-display exactly shows you how much power is left in the PowerVault. The stylish soft touch housing makes it clear this is the topmodel.