​Our new USB Brand Charger!

You can charge the following batteries with this charger:

  • Canon LP-E5
  • Canon LP-E6, LP-E6N
  • Canon LP-E8
  • Canon NB-2L, 2LH, 2L5, 2L12, 2L13, 2L14, 2L24H
  • Canon BP508, BP511, BP511A, BP512A, BP522, BP535
  • Canon LP-E17
  • Canon LP-E12
  • Canon LP-E10
  • Canon NB-10L
  • Canon BP911, BP914, BP915, BP924, BP930, BP945, BP930G, BP950G, BP-955, BP-975, BP970G
  • Canon BP-955 / BP-975 for RED KOMODO
  • Canon BP808, BP809, BP819, BP820, BP828
  • Canon LP-E5