Our new USB Brand Charger!

You can charge the following batteries with this charger:

  • Samsung SLB-10A, SLB-11A
  • Samsung SLB-0837B, SLB-1137D, IA-BH130LB                            
  • Samsung BP-70A
  • Sony NP-FT1, FE1, FR1, BD1, FD1, BG1/FG1
  • Sony NP-FC10/FC11
  • Sony NP-BK1/FK1, NP-BY1
  • Sony NP-BN1
  • Sony NP-BX1
  • Sony NP-FS11, FS21, FS31, FS12, FS22, FS32
  • JVC VG212
  • JVC VG107e, VG114e, VG121e, VG138