​The new Fujifilm X-T4 is the most advanced high-end mirrorless APS-C camera in Fujifilms product range.
Users of this camera expect outstanding performance in both photo and video (4K).

All built-in high-tech specifications are finger licking good, but gives the NP-W235 battery a hard time.
The last thing you want is an empty battery just when shooting the best picture of your life.

That’s where the new Jupio NP-W235 battery (CFU0019) comes in! With a high capacity of 2300mAh, it surpasses the original Fujifilm battery. The Jupio battery contains premium battery cells, which assures long lasting power. A 3 year warranty underlines the quality of yet another premium Jupio product! When you are looking for the best quality versus price ratio, look no further: the Jupio NP-W235 is the one!